Once your course has been approved, set up your exams as soon as possible 

  • NOTE: This may seem like a long process, but taking these steps early will help with the smooth processing of students in our Test Centers throughout the semester and reduce the number of real-time corrections you may be asked to make in the event of a discrepancy. As always, we are available for questions through the Help Desk
  • If you are using Canvas Classic Quizzes, click here for directions

This is a two-part/two-platform process (Test Center dashboard & Canvas Quiz settings). To assure the information matches in these two platforms in a timely fashion, please make these settings at the same time. NOTE: Canvas Quizzes settings can be made before you add quiz content/questions & before you publish the quiz itself. 

Here is the process for assuring smooth testing experiences for your students:

  • Fill out all relevant information so that it will match your settings in Canvas

SPECIAL NOTE ON PASSCODES/PASSWORDS: include the passcodes here if you have both in-person and remote students. Do NOT create separate instances of the exam in the dashboard (see below for more information on Canvas settings).

  • Don't forget to check any special conditions for your exam; before writing in the comments, be sure to check our current terms & conditions to see if your specifications are allowed by policy
  • Click Submit
  • Keep the dashboard open when you open Canvas Quizzes settings

Then open your Canvas New Quizzes

  • Click add Quiz

  • Name your quiz 

  • Set the "due/until" & "available from" dates to the TC dashboard block you chose
    • "due" field must match "until" field
    • Be sure to exactly match your Canvas settings with your Test Center dashboard. Relevant settings for our discussion here are marked with a red dash below:

  • Select Build

  • Select Settings


  • Toggle "on" all the settings relevant to your exam. Be sure the settings match what you have entered into the Test Center dashboard

  • Require an access code (read how here) is to be selected ONLY for off-campus remote-proctored exams (read how to duplicate exams here). Be sure this access code exactly matches the one you have in the Test Center dashboard (e.g. no extra spaces at the beginning or end of your password; accurate capitalization)
  • Time limit should always match the exact time limit you designated in the Test Center dashboard 
  • Filter IP Addresses is to be selected ONLY for on-campus Test Center-proctored exams. Read this page for more information about how to set IP filtering
  • Allow Calculator should be toggled if you chose calculator functions are allowing an online calculator
  • Allow Multiple Attempts can be used if you wish. Read the policy on this page.
    • Allowed attempts: Limited 
    • Attempts: 2 
    • Waiting period: >10 minutes
      • waiting period strongly recommended for security reasons: students must check out and check back in for their two appointments   


  • After inputting all the necessary information, select Return at the upper right hand side of the page

  • At the lower right of the following page click Save 

Once again, we understand this is a lot of work up front, but the payoff is throughout the semester when there are fewer issues to tend to. Feel free to raise a Help Desk ticket on this page. Ask a question or arrange a phone meeting.