The ISU on-campus Test Centers will be operating at full capacity, with important distinctions from previous full-capacity semesters. Policies are subject to change; major changes will be communicated directly to instructors. Newest policy updates for Fall 2022 are in bold red below.

NOTE on New Quizzes: If you are considering using Canvas New Quizzes in the Test Centers this semester, please first click here to visit our newest set of FAQs and consult with CELT before making this decision.


Test Center Usage Selection Criteria


  • Requests will be tracked in the order of submission and confirmed on a first come first served basis until capacity limits are reached.  


Other Test Center factors for instructor consideration


Exam conditions and regulations

1. Canvas and Test Center Dashboard settings

  • Exams length must not exceed 75 minutes (see #7 below for Final Exam specifications)
  • Students will be able to schedule their appointments 14 days ahead of the exam opening on Canvas
  • Exams will be scheduled in one of two weekly blocks and instructor requests may need to be adjusted based on available capacity in each block.  When setting the exam dates in Canvas the settings must be:
    • Block A (see semester hours of operation here) 
    • Available -  Monday opening 
    • Until and Due - Wednesday close 
  • Block B (see semester hours of operation here)
    • Available - Wednesday opening  
    • Until and Due - Friday closing
  • Make-up exams can be open between one and three full business days
    • All make-ups must be available at least one full business day (i.e. from open to close, not e.g. Wednesday noon to Thursday noon) 
    • No make-ups can be available longer than three full business days within one Time Block
    • "Available from" and "Due"/"Until" dates & times in Canvas must match the hours for the days you selected 
    • NOTE: Make-ups MUST be scheduled in a Block that is not the one currently open
      • e.g. if you are allowing a make-up for an exam that closes in Block A on Wednesday, 2/23, the make-up exam MUST be scheduled to open (at the earliest) in Block B on Wednesday, 2/23 
    • Learn how to create make-ups by clicking this link

2. Security Measures

  • Multiple attempts will be allowed (LIMIT: 2 attempts)
  • IP filtering security measures must be used in Canvas exams given in the Test Centers 
  • Password security measures must be used in Canvas exams given by OTC-vetted remote-proctors
    • a duplicate version of the exam must be made available for remote proctoring
      • follow these directions, making sure that each exam title in Canvas includes "for Test Center" or "for Remote Proctor" 

3. Calculators

  • Personal calculators will be allowed and visually inspected at check in
    • Students will also have access to online standard and scientific calculators (if permitted)
      • Online calculators can still be used with Lockdown Browser if you follow the directions here
      • Physical calculators will not be provided by the Test Center staff

4. Notes, etc.

  • Up to two pages of notes (front & back) will be allowed
    • If allowing notes, please SPECIFY IN COMMENTS SECTION: 
      • number of pages (maximum: two 8.5 x 11 double-sided sheets) 
      • handwritten and/or typed 
      • no form of notes that is stapled, taped, or glued will be allowed 
    • Open-book exams are NOT allowed
    • Absolutely no notes or scratch paper will be allowed to leave the Test Centers
      • All notes and/or scratch paper used by students must be thrown away before they leave the Test Center
    • Neither notes nor scratch paper will be collected for instructors to pick up later
  • Brain-dumping is no longer allowed. This means students will have to sign in to their Canvas exam immediately after sitting down at a TC machine. This measure has been taken to assure ongoing accuracy in capacity tracking
    • As always, blank scratch paper is provided to each tester upon check-in
    • You could allow a small amount of pre-written notes instead of brain-dumping

5. Headphones

  • The Test Centers will provide headphones for exams requiring sound 
    • Students may use their own personal wired (non-Bluetooth) headphones

6. Paper-based exams

  • Paper-based exams will not be accepted or proctored in the Test Centers
    • Paper-based exams are acceptable for off-campus students who have gotten instructor approval and a test center-vetted remote proctor

7. Final Exams

  • Final exams are walk-in only; no appointments during this time
  • Final exams may be up to 120 minutes in duration 
  • Exam settings will be reviewed by Test Center staff and adjusted if necessary

If your course meets these criteria and you agree to the conditions and regulations mentioned, you may use the link below to request your course addition:

Log into the Test Center Dashboard to register your course.