Before Checking In: 

  • Visit this scheduling site to reserve a seat for your exam at one of our four testing centers
    • Visit this page for a step-by-step guide on how to use the scheduling site
    • Make your appointment up to 10 days in advance of the exam opening on Canvas; this will increase your chances of scheduling your preferred time & location for your exam 
  • Visit restroom before checking in. No restroom visits are allowed after check in
  • Arrive a few minutes before your appointment. No test-taker who arrives later than 10 minutes after their appointment time will be seated. If you miss your appointment, you will have to find an open spot in one of our Centers at a later time 
  • Have your Student ID out and ready before approaching the front desk
  • Be prepared to show the clerk that your phone is turned off/powered down completely
  • Have any allowed materials (e.g. personal wired earphones, pens, pencils) out and ready for inspection 


  • Come into the testing center wearing an appropriate face covering/mask; you will not be permitted to check-in without one and face covering/mask will not be provided by the testing centers. Contact Student Accessibility Services if you need alternate testing arrangements 
  • Swipe your own ID card through the card reader to check in 
  • Tell the check-in staff the course name, section, instructor’s name, and which exam you are taking (e.g. Exam 1, Exam 2, etc.) 
  • Get the testing-center-provided scratch paper and sanitizing wipes 
  • Wait for a proctor to seat you at the station they indicate 

Taking your Exam: 

  • Place all belongings on the floor 
  • Place phone in your bag/backpack or face down under your chair
  • Wipe down your terminal (screen, keyboard, mouse) and table area 
  • Follow the instructions on the testing terminal to access your Canvas exam 
  • Log into Canvas and navigate to the exam that you scheduled 


  • When you complete your exam, log out of the testing terminal. Do not attempt to access any other pages 
  • Gather your belongings
  • Wipe down your terminal (screen, keyboard, mouse) and table area 
  • Raise your hand and wait for proctor to permit you to walk to check-out 
  • Swipe your card to check out 
  • Deposit the scratch paper in the recycle bin  
  • Deposit the sanitizing wipe in the trash 

General Rules 

The following rules apply to all exams taken in the Testing Center. 

  • Stow all backpacks, books, and other material under your desk. These must not be viewable while you are taking an exam 
  • During the exam, you are not allowed to get help with test questions by speaking with other people, texting or emailing 
  • Copying from someone else’s exam is strictly prohibited 
  • If you need additional scratch paper, you must ask one of the proctors. There is no outside scratch paper allowed. All scratch paper must be thrown out upon check-out 
  • All electronic devices (e.g. cell phones, iPads, smart watches, etc) must be shut off and stowed away during the exam 
  • Personal earphones that connect directly to the workstation are allowed. No wireless earbuds are allowed 
  • You may not use any removable media (e.g. flash drive, portable hard drive etc.) while in the testing centers 
  • Do not leave the computer until you have completed and submitted the exam AND a proctor has given you non-verbal permission to proceed to the check-out station. All extra open windows will have the site location recorded and then the window will be closed
  • You are not allowed to go to the restroom once you have been checked in
  • All witnessed infractions of the rules stated above will be reported to the instructor of the course