As proctor forms come in for processing, staff at the Engineering-LAS Online Test Center will attempt to assess the qualifications of the proctor such that they are reasonably certain that the proctor will perform the services as outlined in the Information for Proctors. If the proctor is not approved, the Engineering-LAS Online Test Center staff will send an e-mail to the candidate indicating the reason/s that they were not approved. A copy of this information will be sent to the instructor and student as well.  It is the student’s responsibility to follow up on the status of their proposed proctor by contacting them to see if they have received approval (i.e. instructions and passwords).


ELO and the Engineering-LAS Online Test Center is very restrictive on who we approve to act as proctors. You may find that some students are unable to find a qualified proctor. Please communicate with students that it is imperative to locate a proctor as soon as the course begins.


Students may not take a proctored exam in a private residence. The computer used to access and upload the exam must be the same computer or terminal used to complete the proctor approval form. This provides a much greater degree of security and allows us to monitor for infractions. Most public or “official” terminals have static IP addresses or can be specifically identified as belonging to an official organization. Using these terminals helps to minimize the likelihood of academic dishonesty.