Important Reading

For remote students with approved proctors, you will need to create a copy of your Canvas exam that is protected by a passcode (rather than IP filtering). Read the following resources before you start setting up your course in the Test Center dashboard and in Canvas:


The Process

If your course requires a remote proctor, instructors should follow these steps in order:

  • Add/register the course to the online proctoring and testing system using the steps found here
  • Tell students that they must fill out a new proctor application
  • Add the following language to your course’s syllabus
    • If you are a remote student, you are required to have a proctor to take your exams. Please read over the Off-Campus Proctor information found on this page and this page. Both you and your proctor will fill out a segment of this form to be approved. Your approved proctor will receive a notification via e-mail when your exam is ready to be downloaded. Instructions on taking and returning the exam will be given to your proctor in the e-mail message. 
    • You do NOT need to submit more than one application for the same course. Only one remote proctor application per course, per semester is allowed. If your approved proctor needs a substitute or needs to make any other changes, have them contact