Issues or Questions with Online Exams
Most of the exams allow the student to save each answer as the question is completed. Depending on which LMS is being used to deliver the exam if there is a technical problem that prevents the student from completing the exam you (the proctor) may be able to log them back into the exam using the appropriate password and all prior work saved will be restored. Not all LMS will allow the student to pick up where they left off so in these cases the student should contact the course instructor to explain their situation and ask that the exam be reset. (Note: Even if the student has saved an answer they may go back to a particular question and change their original answer to something different. They must save that answer again for the change to take place.) Once the student has answered and saved all the questions they will need to press the “Finish” button at the bottom of the page.

Issues or Questions with Paper/Written Exams

If you have any questions on proctoring and returning paper/written exams or the proctor approval process, please contact Doug Bull at 515-294-7255 or Jess Haht at 515-294-4304.