Proctoring Paper/Written Exams

When an exam is accessible, an approved proctor must keep in mind that:

  • The computer used to access and upload the exam must be the same computer or terminal used to complete the proctor approval form.
  • The student must schedule a time and place to take proctored exams.
  • The proctor will receive an e-mail with a link to a downloadable PDF of the exam along with instructions.
  • The proctor must print the exam for the student to complete.
  • The proctor administers the exam to the student according to the exam instructions.
  • After the exam is complete, the proctor must scan and upload the exam to the link provided in the exam e-mail.
  • The student should not have access to this e-mail nor the completed exam unless otherwise noted by the instructor.

Returning Paper/Written Exams to the Engineering-LAS Online Testing Center

Select one of the methods listed below. #1 is the preferred method.

  • Scan the written exam and save it to your computer as a PDF. In the email notifying you of the exam, select the link labeled “Upload Exam.” This link will allow you to upload the PDF you saved directly to our information system.
  • Attach the scanned document to an email addressed to
  • Fax the exam to 515-294-8499.
  • If none of these options is available, contact us at 515-294-7255 or 515-294-4303 or email