Proctoring Paper/Written Exams

When an exam is accessible, an approved proctor will receive an e-mail with instructions for administering and returning the exam. The computer used to access and upload the exam must be the same computer or terminal used to complete the proctor approval form. This provides a much greater degree of security and allows us to monitor for infractions. Most public or “official” terminals have static IP addresses or can be specifically identified as belonging to an official organization. Using these terminals helps to minimize the likelihood of academic dishonesty.

It is the responsibility of the proctor to print the exam for the student to complete. The proctor must also scan and upload the exam to the link provided in the exam e-mail. The student should not have access to this e-mail nor the completed exam unless otherwise noted by the instructor.

  • It is the responsibility of the student to schedule a time and place to take proctored exams.
  • The proctor will receive an e-mail with a link to a downloadable PDF of the exam along with instructions.
  • The proctor administers the exam to the student according to the exam instructions.

Returning Paper/Written Exams to the Engineering-LAS Online Testing Center

We understand that not all proctor sites have the same technologies and/or staffing so please select the method that best serves your site’s capabilities.
In order of preference:

1.) The email notifying you of an exam that was released will contain two links.   If you can scan the written exam and save it to your computer as a PDF, you can use a link labeled “Upload Exam”. This link will allow you to navigate to the PDF you saved and upload it directly to our information system.

2.) If you can scan it and save it, but not as a PDF, please attach the scanned document to an email addressed to

3.) If you do not have access to a scanner you may fax it to 515-294-8499.

4.) If none of these options is appropriate please contact us at 515-294-7255 or 515-294-4303 or email