Your proctor must be able to monitor you for the entire time of your exam. 

If you qualify for remote proctoring, identify someone from one of the following employment categories to serve as your proctor (listed in order of preference):

  • Local ISU Extension Office administrator (except Story County)
    • If you reside in or near Iowa, consider contacting your local ISU extension office to inquire about proctoring services. There is an extension office in each of Iowa's counties. 
  • University/county extension in any state
  • Accredited university/college testing center
  • Adult learning centers (e.g. Sylvan, Huntington)
  • Professional library staff (except at Parks Library)
  • Commissioned military officers
  • corporate manager at your employer/internship (cannot be direct supervisor)
  • HR manager at your employer/internship
  • K-12 administrator

Once you have located your proposed proctor, use this link to begin the process of registering them with the Testing Centers.


NOTEYour proctor must have an email address associated with the institution for which they work. Applications may be rejected if they have proctor email addresses ending with domains such as,,, etc.

NOTE: If you are having difficulty finding a proctor, visit this site for possible solutions in your area. If that doesn't work, you will have to make arrangements with your professor. 

NOTE: Click here to find out who can NOT act as proctor.

NOTE: In all circumstances, remote exams must be proctored at the address listed in your application; in other words, your proctor must be physically in the room with you while you take the exam. Our proctor-vetting does not support exams proctored via Zoom, etc. Also, do not take your exam at a private residence.