Add an Assessment to Online Testing System 

  • Login to online testing system using your net-ID and password:
  • Go to Course on the left side
  • Click on your course number
  • Click “Add Assessment” at top
  • Select
    • Name of Exam
    • Release date (date exam opens)*
    • End date (date exam closes)
  • Under “System”, select “Canvas” for online exams. The “Written Exam (See note below)” item is only available for off-campus sections (XW,XE…etc), you are using the Testing Center’s proctor vetting service (you checked the “Allow Off-Campus” box when entering the course information), and the exam can be uploaded as a single pdf with the first page being the exam instructions.
    • You may select one of the passwords suggested to you or you may enter a password of your choosing. Remember: the password used here must be the same password that is used in the Canvas exam settings.
    • If you select written you are able to browse your computer to locate and upload the exam.
    • You may enter multiple versions of an exam. Each version must be complete and saved as a PDF file. When you browse for the first version and upload it a second browse button will appear. Browse to the second version and upload it. Each version must be a standalone complete version.
  • Attempts
  • Special Conditions

Written Exam Notes: Due to limited space and increasing demand for this type of exam students MUST schedule a time to take their exam. 

Please advise students to schedule their exam using the following link.

*IMPORTANT: Assessments must be added by the Wednesday prior to the week the exam is released. If you are attempting to add an assessment after the Wednesday prior to the week of release, you will need a release code. The release code is generated by the ELO Testing Center and will be sent to you via email. Examples: 1) You will not need a release code if it is Wednesday and you want to release an exam next Monday. 2) You will need a release code if it is Thursday and you want to release an exam any day next week.

Note: Exams do not need to be complete and ready to upload or publish for you provide us with the basic information we require. Please add the exam information at the same time the exam is registered. Always try your assessment at one of the Testing Centers using the role of student. 

Need a Release Code?

If you create an assessment after the Wednesday prior to the week the exam is released, you will need a release code. Release codes are not generated automatically but serve to alert testing center staff of changes made to assessments.

  • Click on the left hand side “Create Release Code”
  • Copy the code down and return to the exam info
  • Follow the “Adding an Assessment” instructions above after the first bullet point.
  • Submit the exam and you are complete